Dough Bowl Candles – Crave Candles Co.

Have y’all seen these large dough bowl candles on Instagram yet? To be honest, I hadn’t seen them until Lori, from Crave Candle Company, reached out to me! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ll only share products that impress me and that I love with y’all! I have to say, this is one of the best smelling candles I’ve burned in a long time! A 15% off coupon code is available – keep scrolling 😉

The scent I received is “Dessert Blossom” and it is such a soft and welcoming scent that filled the entire room within minutes. Lori uses high quality soy wax and hand pours all her candles. I love supporting small businesses that actually put thought and care into their products!

I especially love her Farmhouse collection – obviously – because they fit right in with many decor styles! The neutral wood tones in the bowls is just so pretty too and perfect for styling even after the candle has run out.

Lori was sweet enough to offer all of you 15% off by using code: Watson15 at checkout!

Head on over to Lori’s instagram @cravecandlesco and give a follow!

*I do not make a commission off of your purchase – I am only sharing a product that truly impressed me*

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