Picking the Perfect White Paint

Have you actually ever looked into how many shades of white paint there are? I’ve heard this more times than I can count how hard this decision can be! There are so many factors that can change the way a color looks once it’s painted. So how do you choose the right one? I’m going to share with you my top 5 favorite white interior paint colors and see if I can narrow down a final choice as well!


Even as I was searching for my own personal favorite white’s from Benjamin Moore I ran into the feeling of “oh my there’s so many pretty ones to choose from!” For our own build, I do already know that I don’t want an off-white or something that is too creamy. I love bright white walls so here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to!

1. Simply White

I love how bright this paint looks in the beautiful space! This white offers a clean and crisp look. There are definitely some yellow under tones in this white, but I think it’s absolutely beautiful!

Photo Credit: Home Bunch

2. White Dove

One of my very good friends used this white on her kitchen cabinets and it is so beautiful! It has just a hint of soft gray, but still looks like a soft white. This has been at the top of my list for awhile now!


Photo Credit: Home Bunch

3. Chantilly Lace

If you haven’t seen Ryan’s @texasforeverfarmhouse beautiful Texas home yet you are absolutely missing out! Ryan has used Chantilly Lace throughout her home and just changed the finish for the ceiling, wall, and trim! I feel this white is such a crisp, clean, and true white. This may or may not be my top contender right now…


Photo Credit: @texasforeverfarmhouse

4. Chalk White

When I was searching for popular whites, this color didn’t seem to come up very often. The more I looked at it though the more I fell in love with it! There are some gray undertones which makes it remind me of white dove, but I feel there is more of a gray hue to this one! This would be a perfect white for someone who doesn’t want a really stark white color.

@BenjaminMoore Chalk White 2126-70

5. Decorator’s White

This white seemed to be pretty popular among the design community! To be honest, I hadn’t really heard about it before and I’m super impressed! As you can see below, this white was used on the trim. It is clean, crisp, and bright white!

I hope this helps if you’re trying to choose the perfect white paint! I can’t wait to share with ya’ll what we end up choosing for our new build!

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