Choosing the Perfect House Plan

Picking the perfect house plan can be as exhausting as picking out white paint! There are just so many options to choose from. I’ve narrowed down my top five favorite house plans to share with ya’ll! If you’re in the process of searching for that perfect house plan I hope this inspires you to make your choice or at least narrow it down a little better!

Most of the homes I share on my Instagram page are plans from Architectural Designs House Plans. If you love everything farmhouse, you will absolutely love the plans they offer in farmhouse and modern farmhouse style!

  1. Modern Farmhouse Plan #51773HZ | 2,700+ sq.ft. | 4-5 BDR | 4+BA |
  2. I absolutely love what this house plan has to offer! I love that there are 4-5 bedrooms in the layout! Since we have a big family, the number of bedrooms was one of the most important parts in picking our house plan. This plan also offers vaulted ceilings and is open for entertaining from the kitchen to living room. My friend Holly @oursippifarmhouse just finished building this house plan and the pictures are just so beautiful! Don’t you agree?
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  4. Modern Farmhouse Plan #51758HZ | 2,200+ sq.ft. | 3-4 BDR | 3+BA |
  5. My friend Bethany @besidethemulberrytree built this gorgeous house and it is just stunning! I love how big the front porch is and how it just gives off that southern welcoming vibe! What makes this home even better is how Bethany styled it all from the inside out. Absolutely breathtaking!
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  7. Country Farmhouse Plan #92381MX | 2,100+ sq.ft. | 3 BDR | 2.5 BA
  8. A honey of a farmhouse. This four gables house plan is absolutely gorgeous and gives off all the classic farmhouse feels. What has me sold the most on this plan is the gorgeous living room with high open ceilings and all the natural light! The front porch is just perfect My friend Katie @ahoneyofafarmhouse has done the most beautiful job decorating their home!
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  10. Farmhouse Plan #52285WM | 1,900 sq.ft. | 4 BDR | 3 BA |
  11. I really love the exterior of this house plan! The front and rear porch give plenty of room to entertain. The entire layout just flows so nicely and there is still 4 bedrooms in this plan! My friend Amber @farmcasadecastro built this gorgeous plan, isn’t it gorgeous?!
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  13. Modern Farmhouse Plan #500043VV | 3,400 sq.ft. | 4 BDR | 3.5 BA |
  14. This house plan is new to me and I haven’t seen someone build it yet, on Instagram anyways, but it is absolutely stunning! This plan is the largest I’ve shared at 3,400 sq.ft. What caught my eye the most with this plan is the exterior. The front porch is perfectly sized and there is even a private entrance to the study!
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