Choosing a Front Door

Before we decided to build our house I had never looked into purchasing front doors. I quickly learned that there are many options with many different price tags! Here are a few things to consider when choosing a front door.

Photo Credit: @plankandpillow


The most common types of doors are: wood, fiberglass, steel, and glass. In the modern farmhouse trend you’ll see a lot of wood doors or fiberglass doors. Wood doors allow you to customize the size, shape, and style easily. Staining a wood door can definitely add warmth to your space! However, wood can naturally warp due to outdoor elements. This may cause you to have to replace your door more frequently than other materials. Fiberglass doors can offer the look of wood with a little more durability. Some fiberglass doors can be stained to give the look of natural wood or can be painted any color. Fiberglass doors have an insulated core which provides protection against outdoor elements.


From the quotes we received the wood door option was much higher in cost than the fiberglass door. This can ultimately determine your option for you depending on your budget. For us, we did not have the extra money to fully splurge on wood doors. We ended up choosing a fiberglass door as the cost was very reasonable.


As stated above, a wood door can be customized to your style pretty easily. When looking at the fiberglass door options we ran into a few problems. I wanted to be able to stain the door as I really wanted the wood look. Unfortunately, the grill pattern I wanted was not available in that style fiberglass door. So I ended up changing the design and decided to paint our front doors to match our windows. We chose to have a single door with two sidelights. The grill pattern is similar to the door shown above from @plankandpillow and our rear entry door will match, but will not have the sidelights.

What type of door do you prefer? Head on over to my Instagram stories and let me know!

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