“Christmas Coal” FREE Printable Gift Tag

Happy Holidays friends! I wanted to share with y’all this super cute and easy gift idea! These are quick and easy gifts that are not expensive and can cover a few people. Now you may be thinking, “how can giving coal be something cute for the holidays?” Well this isn’t just any coal

Bisou Natural has created these cute Christmas bags filled with bamboo charcoal to naturally remove odors, bacteria, and excess moisture from the air – chemical free! I had never known that traditional air fresheners contain more that 80,000 chemicals that are linked to cancer – YUCK! What’s even better is that these little bags right here are reusable up to TWO years!

Stuff them in stinky boots & shoes, your car, your closets, even your fridge!

Naughty or Nice these gift bags will make anyone smile!

You can download your FREE printable gift tag and pop them on a gift bag! I have also included a download for instructions to attach to each gift!


This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no extra cost to you I will receive a small commission. My family and I appreciate your continued support!

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