Amazon Lighting Round Up

Yesterday in my Instagram stories I asked y’all if you had any flush mount lights you loved! After receiving some great light options I definitely got lost in an amazon rabbit hole! The one good thing that came from that was I decided on a bunch of lights for our build! This was something I put off for a long time because I just couldn’t decide. If you’re looking for lights currently I hope this helps you 🤗


bathroom sconces


I scrolled past these sconces and just new I loved them! They are available in black and gold which was a super score for me! Our guest bath with have darker elements and I cannot wait to see the gold fixtures in there! Our Master bathroom and Kids bathroom will have black fixtures. Super affordable!


kids bedrooms

I debated on what to do for our kids bedroom light fixture for so long. So many added lights to carts that were always abandoned! I wanted something classic and simple and was looking at my friend Lauren’s (@fargofarmhouse) Instagram and saw she had these in her bedrooms! They are a slightly different version, but I love them and cannot wait to see them installed.


master ceilingmaster scones

I have BIG plans for our master and for now this is the only sneak peak you’ll get 😉 I wanted our ceiling fixture to be a little different and love the brass look. We will have fun ceiling detail and I am so excited to see them paired together! We also chose to do beside sconces and I have had these in my cart a few times. I love them and they’re super affordable!



I could’ve gone crazy adding hallway fixtures, but we decided not to do a ton! Most will be can lights, but I love this simple design with black and brass elements! We will have this fixture in the stairway to the basement, top of the stairs on the second floor, and in our laundry closet.



I have always loved the lantern style lights and wasn’t sure where else I’d be using one, but then I came across this matte black lantern and knew it was the one! I like how it mounts close to the ceiling, but hangs just enough for a different feel.

I hope you love all these lights as much as I do! I’ll be on the hunt for a few more lights soon. Stay tuned!

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