Choosing Our Hardwood Flooring

I have dreamed about what our floors would be like in our new build for so long. I made the decision early on to not have carpet in our build and knew I wanted hardwood flooring throughout. I researched up and down on flooring options and ultimately landed on engineered hardwood floors for a few reasons.

First, we loved the fact that they are easy to install. We will be self-installing our floors so this was important to us! Second, the cost savings of the flooring alone compared to regular hardwood flooring was also very appealing. The savings between the cost of the flooring and the install allowed us to be able to put the flooring throughout the entire house! Lastly, we will not need to finish (sand, stain, seal, etc.) the floors as they come pre-finished already. Now that we landed on the type of flooring it was time to decide who we would purchase the floors from. After tirelessly scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest I kept seeing a company called ADM Flooring. Every time I would see a color I loved and felt would fit the style of our home, it would be from ADM! After seeing so many amazing reviews and their affordable price point we decided this is who we would purchase from!

Pavia Collection

I was drawn to the Pavia Collection almost immediately due to the lighter color options. The 7 1/2 in wide European White Oak planks were the perfect size for the look I was going for in our modern farmhouse. This line comes in a wire brush finish, which gives each plank beautiful texture and character. You can view the entire collection here.

Color Selection Process

I knew this would be the hard fun part of the process! The first thing I did was order samples. They came pretty fast which was exciting! The customer service was excellent and quick to respond to any question I had! I ordered a few different colors and even some in wider planks just to make sure I liked the 7 1/2in width. I made sure to order a slight variation from slightly darker to lighter colors as well. Here are some of the samples I ordered:

Here are some other great options in wider planks!

I was immediately drawn to Padua and Vicenza, but couldn’t decide! In my Instagram stories, I asked my followers which one they liked better. Wouldn’t you know it came up pretty close to 50/50! After many back and forth decisions, I finally landed on Vicenza and couldn’t be happier with our choice! It is the perfect shade if you want light floors, but still provides some warmth in your space!

We will be ready to install our flooring soon and will be posting another article on how to install engineered hardwood flooring yourself! Stay tuned!

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