Kitchen Pantry Shiplap

We loved the PVC shiplap from @royalbuilsingproducts so much we decided to use it on our pantry too! Since one wall of our pantry will be near the kitchen sink, we knew since this shiplap is made out of PVC material would be the best choice! If water happens to get on it we’ll be ok. The installation went similar to our bedroom ceiling ship lap, you can read about that here if you missed it! I shared a lot of the pantry process on my Instagram @thewatsonfarmhouse if you want to check out more! Now let’s get started!

Step 1: Measure out your space

Take the time to do this step! It will help ensure that you won’t be left with any awkward cut pieces if there is a way to avoid it. Since the shiplap in this space was going to start at the height of our kitchen counters, I did not have to shiplap the entire wall, which is always nice!

Step 2: Make you cuts

Lucky for us, there was only one small section that we had to do 45 degree cuts. If you are going up against existing molding in your home, a good tip is to cut the end of your shiplap at a 5 degree angle to help create a nice edge against your molding! You can see more of the cutting process here @thewatsonfarmhouse

Step 3: Get your Brad Nailer

We used 16g brad nails and a brad nailer again for this project! You’ll want to make sure to place a brad nail in each piece wherever a stud lands. On your first piece, put a brad nail along the bottom edge. When you place your next piece on (you’ll see how easy the boards slides into the previous board, as the nickel gap is already factored in so you’ll feel the board stop when it’s in position!) you’ll put a brad nail at the bottom of your new piece so that the brad nail also goes through the tongue of the first piece. Doing it this way leaves you with less nail holes to fill! Repeat this process until you reach the end!

Step 4: Install Trim

We did not install our trim until after the shiplap because I was still very undecided on what kind of door we would put in for the pantry. After waiting and waiting I finally found the perfect door at our local @ecobuildingbargains store! My husband sanded it down and we loved the natural look so much we just threw a clear coat of sealer on it!

We are SO happy with how the shiplap looks with the door! Tell us what you think and check out our Instagram page @thewatsonfarmhouse for more DIY!


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