Quick IKEA Bedroom Refresh

Our boys bedroom has been in desperate need of a refresh! It’s hard to believe we’ve been at my Father in Laws for a year already…with at least another year to go! Ever since we sold our home and moved, our kids have been thrown off a bit from the daily routines we had set in place. It’s been quite the adjustment needless to say! I wanted to give them a cute and refreshing space to call their own in hopes of getting new routines to stick!

We previously had this wire storage rack from Home Depot and it’s gotten quite the use! Unfortunately, most of that use has been throwing whatever you can onto it and praying it didn’t fall off. I knew I could make this rack work for now so I cleared everything off and started organizing the junk! My husband and I went through their clothes as well and got together F I V E bags of clothes to donate! It felt so good to get it out!

We packed up all four kids and headed to IKEA to grab these cute storage items! – yes, it went just as you imagined – The biggest item I wanted to grab was the Kura reversible bed (sneak peak in the photo) I love this bed because you can use it as bunk beds! Once we move it’ll be perfect for our youngest son to use as a fort bed! It’s budget friendly and I love the natural wood tone!

The wicker storage bins caught my eye immediately – seriously, if you’re looking for cute storage bins IKEA has SO many cute options right now! I also loved these gray bins! They are so soft and I love how they added the gold snap!

The laundry bag adds such a modern touch! I love the geometric shapes and the leather handle!

I snagged this artificial plant and plant basket to add some greens to the mix! Adding greens is one of the easiest shelf styling pieces you can grab! They’re also super affordable!

I decided to go with the Kura Reversible Bed and turned it upside down to make bunk beds! Once our house is built this bed will be perfect for our youngest! These Trädaster twin duvet covers were only $7.99! They’re cute and simple!

The Braided indoor/outdoor rug from Rugs USA is so soft! It’s the perfect thickness for under their bed! I love the blend of white, gray and black.

I can’t wait to fully decorate the kids new rooms when our house is built!

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